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August 29, 2011

Win something. For doing nothing*

Practically nothing…

I have always been rather a competitive chap. You see, winning is quite a lot of fun. Losing on the other hand can be seriously dangerous for your health. And ego! In my younger years I was a horrendous loser, not your run of the mill ‘bad loser’. I would categorize myself as a ‘catastrophic, complete break with reality loser’. I was well known in my neighborhood for the utter devastation I felt in defeat.

Losing drove me into a dark and lonely place. Usually a place filled with tears.

I remember one memorable day playing soccer in the back garden with my dad and brother. It turned out that my brother was a much better shot than I was goalie and he kept scoring goal after goal. Something in my little 10 year old brain snapped. I got so angry I ran away from home! Yes, you heard correct, I took the ball and ran away.

Probably not the smartest thing, but in my defense I was only ten.  I made it as far as the park directly opposite my house. I didn’t get very far because my brother ran after me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: He told me that he would let me win the next time we played…

I came home.

But why am I even mentioning this slightly embarrassing story. Well, its because its now my turn to make you an offer you can’t refuse. But please, if you don’t win don’t run away from home. Trust me, it’s not cool…

Here goes, I am starting the Like Leon Facebook page competition. Here is how it works.  If you go to the following link and ‘like’ my page you will automatically be entered into a competition to win a $500 American Airlines gift certificate. This certificate can be used on any international or domestic flight for one year. No questions asked.

The draw for the winner will take place on the day my book launches on October 3rd 2011. Winner will then be sent the gift certificate. If you don’t win there will always be the next competition…

For all you ‘catastrophic, complete break with reality losers’ out there: I am rooting for you!

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