UK‘s Youngest Organ Donor Lives Only 74 Minutes - Leon Logothetis

December 15, 2015

UK‘s Youngest Organ Donor Lives Only 74 Minutes

A British couple, Emma and her husband Drew learned this year that they were having twins and were excited like any other couple would be. Thirteen weeks into her pregnancy Emma found out that one of the twins would live for only a few weeks or GD forbid maybe only hours. The twin had a condition called anencephaly; birth defect that causes an undeveloped brain and incomplete skull.

The couple was faced with a hard decision; do they abort the baby or continue with the pregnancy. The couple decided to continue with the pregnancy and donate the baby’s’ organs upon it’s passing. Emma told the Cambridge News “It’s quite a hard decision to make”. Before I was pregnant, I read a story about Teddy Houlston in the paper, and my only thought was his parents were so brave”. Teddy Houlston was born on April 2014 and became the youngest organ donor after living for just 100 minutes. He suffered from the same condition as Emma and Drew’s unborn child. His heart valve and kidney were donated to someone in need.
LLbabydonorEmma gave birth to a boy named Josh and a girl named Hope. Hope only lived for 74 minutes. Her kidneys were transplanted into and adult patient and the cells from her liver were frozen. The healthy cells will help as many as five adults to undergo liver transplants. Emma told the Mirror “When we heard the transplant had taken place, it instantly took some of the pain away. I would like to speak to that person in the future; a part of Hope is living inside them. Josh was born two minutes after & doing fine and had no problems or compilations during birth.