Touching Moment Captured by Target Customer - Leon Logothetis

December 8, 2015

Touching Moment Captured by Target Customer

A young man went into a Target in Raleigh, North Carolina to purchase a clip-on tie for his interview at Chick-Fil-A, but Target was all out of clip-on ties. So Cathy Scott a store employee directed the young man to the regular tie section, where the young man picked one up and headed towards the to check out.

It was evidently clear to Ms. Scott that the young man didn’t know how to tie the tie at all. Ms. Scott took the young man by the hand and led him to one of her co-workers, Dennis Roberts. She asked Mr. Roberts, “Can you tie a tie”? His answer was “yes”. Mr. Roberts helped the young man tie his tie, fix and adjusted it and straighten out his collar. Now the young man was all set for his interview.

A shopper named Aubrey Mark witnessed the whole interaction of this young man and the Target employees. She posted a photo online of Mr. Roberts helping the young man. This photo made an immediate impact with Social Media and the post went viral. That however is not where Mr. Roberts’ help ended. He helped the young man prepare for the interview by asking him typical questions that a hiring manager might ask.

He told him “Make sure you look him in the eyes and have a firm hand shake” the young man was quoted as saying about Mr. Roberts. As he left the store all the employees yelled “Goodbye and good luck …“tell us how it goes”. The next day Mr. Roberts, Ms. Scott and some other employees went to the Chick-Fil-A to see if the young man got the job, but at the time the manager had yet made his decision.