Tis The Season To Give - Leon Logothetis

December 11, 2015

Tis The Season To Give

Tis the season of giving said one couple as they dropped a $500,000 check in the Salvation Army Kettle in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was the largest donation to date for the Salvation Army Kettle collection surpassing a $25,000 donation made in December of 2014 in Texas. The Rosemont city fire fighters who were operating the Kettle drive did not know when the half a million-dollar check was dropped in the kettle but were very thankful. The donors wished to remain anonymous but know clearly how it is to be in need and felt this kind gesture would encourage others help families in need. The donors told the charity “You get to a point in life when it’s time to take care of others…” The Salvation Army has a goal of 11.6 million this year and are well on their way of hitting the goal.​LL50000