The #SoKind Twitter campaign is open for business… - Leon Logothetis

June 28, 2011

The #SoKind Twitter campaign is open for business…

The #SoKind Twitter campaign is open for business…

I have always wanted to start my own campaign: A campaign that would help shift people’s perceptions about each other and the world we live in. A campaign that would positively touch lives, make someone laugh or inspire someone to think outside the box. I have been waiting for the right moment to put my dream into action…

The wait is now over.

I hear the squeals of delight as some of you hold your breath in anticipation; what on earth could he be up to now? I hear there are rumors floating around that the mighty CNN will be covering my momentous campaign proclamation!

The whole world is rejoicing…

Ok, maybe CNN is just a figment of my wild imagination but I do have an uber rad campaign I am launching today (Did I really just say ‘uber rad’?). Yes Leon. You did.

As some of you know I used to work behind a slab of wood in the City of London. I felt uninspired, depressed and hopeless. Then something changed. I stumbled across the movie ‘The Motorcycle diaries’ which chronicled Che Guevara’s epic trip across South America relying on the kindness of strangers. The journey changed his life and the movie changed mine.

Inspired by Che, I embarked on my own trip across the world relying on the kindness of others. Ever since my journey I have tried to repay the faith, generosity and kindness people showed in me.

This kindness needs to be paid forward.

Here is my plan: Due to my recent twitter addiction, what better way to make a difference than through the twittersphere….

So, I have concocted the #SOKIND campaign.

The #SOKIND Campaign is simple

Step 1-Follow me @Leonlogothetis on Twitter

Step 2-Tell me what’s on your mind and how I can help

Step 3-Add the #SOKIND hash tag

Step 4-Tell all your friends

Step 5-I am coming to the rescue

When you send me a tweet with the #SOKIND I will do my very best to help you out. Whether you are struggling with homework or need relationship advice, I will be there the same way that people were there for me. I will try and be of service with the simple stuff and I will try and be of service in the not so simple stuff. If there is something big going on in your community and you need a helping hand send me a message. I want to hear it all.

The #SOKIND twitter experiment is about giving back. It’s about connecting. It’s about sharing our common values with each other. It’s about being of service.

How can I help today?


Tweet something like: “I HATE MATH! Leon please help #SOKIND to @LeonLogothetis and I will do my best to help. I am looking forward to spreading the love.”


Leon Logothetis

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that I may be unable to fulfill all #sokind wishes/requests and that every attempt will be made to respond.  All requests must be legitimate, sound and reasonable. Thank you.


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