The Kindness of Fathers - Leon Logothetis

June 22, 2015

The Kindness of Fathers

I’d like to thank everyone who wrote in the kindest thing their father ever did for them on Facebook. I’ve picked 5 of the kindest examples of fatherly love, but everything that all of you wrote in touched my heart. Thank you for demonstrating that the kindness of fathers can be legendary.

Michelle Francis:

11407048_10152852341906671_761705562434563935_nThis is my dad with my daughter.
I had major eye surgery and couldn’t see well out of my right eye for quite a while. This made me scared to drive my normal 45 min commute to work each day, especially since I was taking my daughter with me (I teach, she attended my school)

My dad drove me and my daughter and picked us up (taking 3 hrs each day) so that I wouldn’t miss work and she wouldn’t miss school.

Tiffiney Lozano:

 How can I pick just one?! Something that stands out in my memory, is that no matter what time, or how far away I was…my father would always come and rescue me and my broken down car from the side of the road. One time he drove over 12 hours round trip, to tow my broken down truck home, to where he could fix it.

Ann-Marie Stanton:
The kindest thing my dad ever did for me was show me unconditinal love, teach me humility, humor, compassion and to always treat others the way I would want to me treated. My dad passed away 17 yrs. Ago and I still practice what he preached.

Betsy Zouroudis:

The kindest thing my father has done for me is being the living example of generosity. Despite his having grown up in and surviving extreme poverty and adversity he was never jaded nor carried any bitterness. In fact the hardships my father endured had the complete opposite effect on him. My father worked HARD for a meager salary but we never wanted for anything and he was always ready to give to help others in need. His pockets were deep not with money – but with his willingness to give. Thank you Baba, I’m proud of you, I love you.

Lenny Behnke:

My dad raised us four kids by himself. I didn’t realize the sacrifice of this menial task at the time, but he would do our laundry while we slept at night because that’s the only time he had to do it. We would wake up to warm, clean clothes.



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