The Kindness Cab Reach Washington DC - Leon Logothetis

October 26, 2011

The Kindness Cab Reach Washington DC

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Author and TV host Leon Logothetis is crossing America in a cab for charity.

The kindness cab departed from New York the 24th of October and is expected to reach Los Angeles the 14th of November.

What is the kindness cab all about?
Logothetis will re-take the route he took in his TV series ‘Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody’, which featured on National Geographic. In the series, he crossed America with only $5 in his pocket, relying on the kindness of strangers.

Now in his Cash Cab he will give back to the towns, people and communities offering him kindness and support to complete his first journey.

The kindness cab will not charge anything and you can take a free cab ride with Logothetis if you see him around. However, he would of course appreciate a donation to his non-profit charity called Clash Wish.

Today, Leon Logothetis reached Washington DC. Follow the kindness cab from the east
cost to the west coast here or book a minicab online.