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October 24, 2011

The Kindness Cab is Coming to Town



Monday October 24th is D-Day.

Not the June 6th 1944 kind. But the kind where people all over the country shout on their rooftops with anticipation and joy. The chorus will go something like this: “The Kindness Cab is coming! FREE CAB RIDES FOR ALL” People will be changed. Lives will be altered.

Kindness is coming to town.

Starting at Times Square I will be travelling across America in a vintage London cab winding my way ultimately to the Hollywood sign. Along the route I will be picking up anyone who wants a free cab ride. Or anyone who just wants to see the inside of a vintage 1985 London Sterling cab. You see my little cab has pillows, carpets, flowers and lots of room to chat.

The Kindness Cab really is coming to town.

Here is how it all began. A few years ago I crossed the country relying on the kindness of strangers and my life was forever altered. I connected with people and was inspired to change my life. A life that had been tethered to a desk (or my slab of wood as I like to call it) for 12 hour days, slaving away in a job that was sucking the life out of me. It was soul destroying. I needed to re-connect with humanity, and see the world whilst doing it. The idea was born to travel across America and put my faith in the open road and those that travelled it.

In return for all the kindness I received on my original journey I have always wanted to give back. The Kindness Cab is my small way of doing just that. It’s my small way of inspiring someone to open their hearts a little and see, that what lies beneath is an ocean of possibilities. A deep ocean. An ocean where we all realize that we are deeply connected. We are one. We. Me. It’s all the same.

During the trip the meter will be running and for every person I pick up their fare donated to local schools to buy books. You can enter your school or library in this book giveaway by going to

The Kindness Cab tour begins on Monday October 24th and ends on November 14th at the Hollywood Sign coinciding with the start of World Kindness week. My journey will take me across the vastness of America where I know I will meet interesting and inspiring characters. Characters that I hope will be inspired by the simplicity of The Kindness Cabs message: Be kind.

The Kindness Cab is coming to town. Will you be there to get the ride of a lifetime?

The Kindness cab hotline is sponsored by #TAXI (


#TAXI ( is proud to sponsor The Kindness cab’s hotline with a donation of 20 cents to every time someone calls #TAXI #8294, anywhere in the United States between now and Nov 30th… “I wish everyone could ride with me in The Kindness Cab… but when you can’t, you can always call our sponsor #TAXI and get a cab anywhere, anytime across America by calling #TAXI (#8294) on your mobile and generate a donation to our charity.”

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