The Kindness Cab: Hoosier style! - Leon Logothetis

October 31, 2011

The Kindness Cab: Hoosier style!

The Kindness cab arrived safely in Indy, the hiccup of breaking down on the freeway a distant memory. Now it was time to give the good people of Indianapolis some old fashioned English kindness. All right Guvnor!

The first stop was local charity Indiana Humanities who kindly offered to donate another $500 worth of books to a local school*. We all drove to a food fare and gobbled down a scrumptious lunch. With lunch gobbled, it was off to give more kindness. Oh what fun!

Then history was made.

We had our first celebrity in the cab! ‘Blue’ the world famous mascot of Butler University slobbered his way into the back. We loved having ‘Blue’ as he was bubbly and surprisingly talkative…The Kindness Cab drove him to his favorite pet store where he normally has a pre lunch nibble.

Next stop. Ice Cream.

We drove 15 minutes out of town and picked up two young girls for an ice cream run at Dairy Queen. This was quite an event and the Kindness Cab most certainly did its job: A job that is simply to make people smile. Both girls loved their ice creams and their mother was thrilled that the Kindness Cab had battled through traffic to keep its promise of brightening a child’s day.

Next stop. Teenage party.

After the successful ice cream run it was time to drive across town and pick up a young chap. Andy was 13 and ready to party the night away. His mother was ready to see the back of him. Just for a few hours though.

Our final destination was a dinner invitation from a local lady called Sue. She graciously cooked a scrumptious Indian dinner and then it was time for the Kindness Cab to pack up and head off to sleep. It was late and the next day we had to head out to Chicago for Halloween.

Don’t forget that The Kindness Cab is on its way. Be sure you are there when he stops by…

*You can win $500 worth of books for your school or library by visiting


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