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February 3, 2015

Do Something Daring! Have an Adventure Close to Home

Traveling the world, meeting interesting people, and visiting exotic places is obviously a fantastic way to experience life. There are, however, daring adventures and fun activities you can take part in while staying close to home. Depending on where you live, the following are creative activities to enjoy that won’t require extensive travel and will bring out the adventurous side in anyone.

1. Participate in a Color Run

A 5k color run is known as the happiest race on earth. Everyone in this untimed race starts out wearing white attire. At different points in the race you’ll be doused with a rainbow of colors from head to toe. You don’t even have to be a great runner to participate. Most of these races allow participants to run, crawl, or cartwheel across the finish line. If your city or town doesn’t have an annual color run, it’s probably time to start one.


2. Go Zorbing

Rolling down a hill in a transparent, plastic ball may not be everyone’s idea of fun but it can be quite a thrill for those seeking simple yet out of the ordinary activities to enjoy. Sometimes a rider is harnessed to the inside of the ball. Other times it’s a free for all. This extreme sport started in New Zealand but has since gone global. It’s time to grab a group of friends and go zorbing!


3. Attend or Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Participating in a murder mystery party may not sound all that daring, but it is a way to stretch yourself mentally, perhaps meet new people, and take part in something out of the ordinary. There are kits that can be purchased or if you’re really feeling creative and have been involved in one before, you can write your own mystery. Kits come with clues, costume instructions, and background information to match the different numbers of people in a group. The secret to a great murder mystery dinner is inviting guests who want to have as much fun as you do and are willing to really play their parts.

4. Hot Air Balloon Over Your City

Most cities offer hot air balloon rides. If yours doesn’t take a day trip to the nearest one that does. The sky is literally the limit when choosing what kind of ride you want to take. Some will keep riders close to the ground to view nature and buildings. Others will have you up near the clouds. Sunrise and sunset rides are especially popular. There are even balloon festivals and races to experience.


5. Eat Exotic Ethnic Food

This needs to go beyond Chinese and Thai, as fabulous as each of those can be. Whether you’re on vacation, at your favorite farmer’s market, or trying a trendy new restaurant, trying these exotic foods will stimulate your brain as well as your palate. Some of the most exotic food the world has to offer includes deep fried grasshoppers, oriental chicken feet, birds nest soup, and fried tarantulas. If you’re not quite that adventurous find a restaurant that serves something different like authentic Lebanese or Moroccan food. Lebanese food is an incredible combination of Middle Eastern cuisine and Mediterranean, chock full of incredible spices and rich flavor. Famous Moroccan dishes include lamb or Chicken Tagine with honey, mint, and onions.


Pick any one of these on the list, or try all five. Just make sure you expand your horizons, share the experience with fantastic people, and you’ll become a more interesting individual along the way!

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