Sky High Kindness - Leon Logothetis

January 7, 2016

Sky High Kindness

Nine month old Aiden Gooch took his very first flight over the holidays from Florida to New York on a crowded Southwest Airlines plane. Aiden was feeling uncomfortable and was having a little trouble settling in for his first adventure in the skies. Understanbly this was making his parents rather concerned. A flight attendant, Anissa Charles noticed the situation and jumped into action. Anissa gathered up Aiden and strolled up and down the aisle with him. This simple act of compassion allowed Aiden’s parents to eat lunch and as Mr. Gooch said “It was a moment of peace“. “We enjoyed watching him going up and down the aisle saying hi to everyone” the happy parents went on to say.
Aiden’s mom Heather was so grateful to Anissa for going out of her way to assist them that she posted a heartwarming picture on social media. The post eventually reached Anissa plus more than 500,000 people, and currently has surpassed 400,000 likes and over 60,000 shares. Anissa said “he was easy to love” and she didn’t think she did “anything spectacular”. Heather told CBS news “I realized it was something so small but it meant so much to me “.The Gooch family has remained in touch with Anissa.