“I See You”: The Power of Human Connection - Leon Logothetis

September 9, 2014

“I See You”: The Power of Human Connection

“I’m so scared of dying without ever being really seen.”
David Foster Wallace

mail_image_preview-1When I stumbled across this quote a few years back, it hit me. Hard. To be seen? What a powerful yet at times elusive feeling. The internal engine of my mind started to rumble. I began to muse how many of us could relate to living our lives without this magical, yet crucial emotional delicacy.

We seek it. We yearn for it. We often don’t find it. Yet the true magic of Humanity lies in our capacity to connect. To inspire. To belong.

There are days when I am sure you do feel seen. There are days when I am sure you feel unseen. It is during the days that we feel seen that our spirit soars. Our life force expands. Our authentic power blossoms.

Below are five simple ways to see, hear and connect with the people closest to us. And the strangers, who even for a brief splintering moment, collide with us on this journey we call life.

Kindness is Underrated: To me Kindness is more important than the fuel we put in our cars, or the money we put in our pockets. For kindness, is the fuel we put in our souls.


The Art of Listening: Listening is truly powerful. Listening shows people that we care. When we listen we are saying: “You are interesting”. “You are important”. “You matter”.



Nurture Self-Belief: Empower others to believe in themselves. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.



Try Not to Judge: I have a saying, if I judge you, then I have to judge myself. If I were to judge myself the world would run out of paper…



Have Fun:  What’s the point of all this if we don’t have the capacity to be ourselves, to let loose, to free our minds…


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