An RV, a Life Size Chewbacca Mask, 3 Light Sabers, a Big Red Balloon and Everything in Between – Part 2 - Leon Logothetis

July 19, 2011

An RV, a Life Size Chewbacca Mask, 3 Light Sabers, a Big Red Balloon and Everything in Between – Part 2

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” -Jawaharlal Nehru

Our adventure took us to a small Arizona town called Williams. A full twelve hours into the journey we stopped at the only bar crazy enough to still be open. In the process we fell upon a cast of zany characters. One of those chaps had fathered 12 children. Maybe.

“Me thinks I have nine kids, but could be 12. Not sure really.”

As the bar closed its doors and threw us into the cold Arizona night we ended up sleeping next to the train tracks in a rather unfortunate part of town: 6 friends enjoying the open road and the vagaries of a life in limbo.

With the morning sun cresting on the horizon it was time for the next stage of our journey; the infamous Grand Canyon Sky Walk awaited. Unfortunately we were in for a rude awakening: the skywalk was 250 miles in the opposite direction… I guess the Grand Canyon was a bit bigger than we had anticipated. Not doing our homework certainly didn’t help.


Well, I guess there was not going to be any Skywalking, which was not necessarily a bad thing…

Skywalk or no Skywalk we enjoyed the majesty of the grandest canyon of them all, sitting on the edge and soaking up the energy.

Then. We were off again. More adventure awaited.

Next stop, Sedona, and a spot of pampering…

A warm comfy hotel would definitely do the trick. What wasn’t in the original plan was crashing the RV into the ceiling of the hotel. Yes, we crashed the RV into the hotel ceiling. This was bad. One of us (no names) misjudged his measurements and the RV was now stuck. The manager was not happy. We were not happy. No one was happy. The police were called. They weren’t happy.

After some reflection and exchange of information we managed to untangle ourselves from the little ‘RV hits hotel ceiling’ mess and crashed for the night. Everyone was happy. Except the hotel manager.

Day three of the trip was now upon us, as was our excursion to the Parker Float Festival. We had crossed paths with a couple on the road who suggested the event was not to be missed. Unfortunately, we missed it. We had arrived as the festival was reaching its climax and had also forgotten to buy a float…

Instead… we had a light saber rematch!

With our RV trip anthem playing, stationary in a casino parking lot, Ian and I jumped onto the roof, light sabers in hand. This time we had an audience. People were watching with unadulterated glee as the fight began.

I think it is fair to say that this battle ended in a draw…

Then we were off again… the local hang outs beckoned, the party was just beginning. The night was still young. After a few hours of rampaging it was time to cap off the whole trip with a final moment of madness. A statement of sorts. A basking in the joy of the moment. The coming together of 6 friends in a sea of fun. Literally. Our statement came as illegal fireworks lit up the sky a garish green and violent red.

We jumped into the harbor with all our clothes on. Yes, all our clothes on. It was epic and it was ours. Soon it also belonged to the security guards who flocked to see if all was ok. All was most definitely ok.

The night was drawing to a close and we had one last moment of magic left in us. As I drove the RV out of the parking lot I stopped a few locals and offered them up a bit of good old blighty; the English National Anthem to be exact. My iPod  which was connected to the RV sound system whirred into action and out blared ‘God Save the Queen’. In the process we woke up half of Arizona.

The Queen would have been proud of my patriotic fervor.

We finally found our way back to a safe camping spot and slept the night away. The next morning was the final leg. We wound our way through the desert and back to the center of Hollywood. Our epic RV journey was over but the memory of its craziness will linger on for many a year.

Leon Logothetis

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