Pay Attention: 5 Ways to Focus in Everyday Life - Leon Logothetis

April 26, 2017

Pay Attention: 5 Ways to Focus in Everyday Life

Timetables, schedules, and plans are drawn every day, every week, every month, and at times yearly. They are drawn with the promise that when followed this time, better results would follow. However, after a very diligent first week, a slightly slacked second week and a lazy third week, you come to the realization that you have lost focus. In life, your focus is lost in different ways, in relationships, careers, and at times with family. The one question everyone asks is how to stay focused on life and love, and the list below is a few of the methods that you can use:

1. Make a New Routine Every Time You Feel Lost

I am sure you have experienced the adrenaline feeling that is accompanied by the making of a new routine. The promise that the next day, you will wake up earlier, be more specific with what you want to do and sleep late to ensure that the day is most productive. Try and capitalize on that adrenaline and you do this by changing your routine when it feels like it is getting old. Every time you get too comfortable with your routine, to the extent that you start not following it, spice it up a bit to reawaken the adrenaline and get focused once again.

2. Clear the Distractions

Focus is at times lost when distractions supersede the task at hand. You might decide to binge-watch Netflix when you should be working out to burn the carbs you feel are in excess. Other times, you might get more concerned about the drama happening in your best friend’s life and forget that you need to read that book. These distractions may take up just an hour of your day, but they really affect your goals in the long run. Clear these distractions from your life today to ensure that they play no role in distracting you from your life goals.

3. Take Control of Your Own Life

In the morning, you wake up to a call by your bestie, asking you if you could be so kind as to do this and that for her. At the office, your boss keeps sending you on these unorthodox appointments since he might not make it. In the evening, it is probably a spouse asking for a favor or two. By the end of the day, you realize that you have not achieved anything that you set out to do. What you need to do is take control of your own life, and unless you are done doing what you had planned, don’t let other people’s favors and requests harbor you.

4. Be Intentional with Your Relationships

The thing with goals and staying in focus is that every distraction has to be gotten rid of. Sometimes, random relationships that really don’t add value to your life and goals are the distractions, and they, therefore, need to be gotten rid of. Moreover, ensure that the people you associate with have the same goals as you do. When you have the same goals with your friends, you can keep each other in check, and encourage one another when you are both feeling slack.

5. Take a Break

Sometimes, you need to take a break from everything and rejuvenate. Depending on your hobbies and preferences, you can take a hike, go out with friends, go to the beach, or even sleep. After this break, you get back refreshed determined to work better and more efficiently on your goals. Then again, you want to lie, and letting go is one way to do that.

Keep the focus burning, because only then will you achieve the goals you have set out to do.



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