My Amazing Journey - Leon Logothetis

March 3, 2011

My Amazing Journey

Breaking news: My book ‘Amazing Adventures of a Nobody’ is on the way.

I have always been a dreamer, spending much of my time traipsing through libraries & book stores dreaming that one day I would write my own book. Yes, this Englishman always dreamt of being a member of the vaunted ‘authors club.’ I hoped that one day I would see my book on the bookshelves of Barnes & Nobles and that people would be clambering to buy my book!

I am not so sure about the clambering part but in September one of these dreams is destined to become reality. Yippee I hear you scream! Yippee Kaye! Holy smokes! Super Doopa Loopa awesome dude! Or words to that effect….

The book chronicles my journey from Times Square to the Hollywood sign relying on the kindness of strangers. Oh, and I only had $5 in my pocket. For those familiar with my show this should not come as a much of a surprise. But, wait, there is more! Oh yes, there is so much more! The book also chronicles my struggle to break free from my old life; a life where I worked behind a slab of wood for 16 hour days to living in Hollywood and creating my dreams. It’s a story about my transformation from a life of mediocrity to a life of abundance. It‘s a story made possible by the wonderful people I met along my way. It’s a story. And its mine! (I am starting to sound a little bit like Golem, here…Should I be worried???)

Writing has always been a cathartic experience for me. When I am sad I write and my sadness finds a container to sink into. When I am inspired I write and my inspiration jumps out onto the page, hopefully ready for someone else to catch. Whatever emotion I feel I write. Or it writes me.

The journey from daydreaming to being a published author has not been an easy one! I never fully fathomed the amount of hard work, dedication and ridiculously late nights getting a book on the shelves entailed. If someone had told me all this before I started I probably would have turned the other way or started to cry. But it’s all been worth it.

I am hoping my book will be well received (did I hear someone saying Pulitzer?), because if it’s not I intend to go and live on a small uninhabited island in the South Pacific where I will lick my wounds, eat coconuts and find a new profession.