Mongol Rally, Day 5: Three countries, more troubles - Leon Logothetis

July 28, 2011

Mongol Rally, Day 5: Three countries, more troubles

Steven Priovolos, Logothetis’ cameraman, shows his newly acquired Uzbekistani visa.

My Mongol Rally travels have taken me to three countries just on Day 5. I started in Austria, took a short detour to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and ended up in Slovenia for the night. My country count is at nine, not too shabby only five days into the rally.

Only 13 countries left on our 10,000-mile road trip.

I managed to get stopped by the Slovenian police for speeding. I didn’t even know my car–a Nissan Micra, the 1.2-liter-engine wonder–could speed. I got let off with a caution after it became evident that neither of us could understand what the other was saying.

Apart from the mishap with the Slovenian police, my day has been dominated once again by visa shenanigans. First, the good news: We finally managed to pick up an Uzbekistani visa for friend/cameraman Steven Priovolos after a few moments of sheer panic. The adventures can continue.

Or can they?

Because here is the bad news. I received a phone call from the chaps at visa headquarters informing me that there’s a problem with the Tajikistan visa. Tomorrow is Tajikistan visa D-Day.

My friends, I’m determined that this journey is not going to end at the Tajikistan border with a congratulatory swig of whiskey among a motley crew of Tajik border guards. I am determined that this journey is going to end gloriously as I march into Ulan Bator, Mongolia, having triumphed over the perils of bureaucracy and happy to be alive.

Tomorrow: Visa, visa, who has Leon’s visa?

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