Mongol Rally, Day 3: Getting to the Czech Point - Leon Logothetis

July 26, 2011

Mongol Rally, Day 3: Getting to the Czech Point

Leon Logothetis, in the Czech Republic, reaches the Mongol Rally’s only checkpoint.

Day 3 of the Mongol Rally, the 10,000-mile road trip from Britain to Ulan Bator,Mongolia, was all about getting to the “castle of dreams” nestled in the quaint Czech Republictown of Klenova. It was here I hoped my dreams would come true: the dream of passing the first and only checkpoint of the rally, partying the night away with a bunch of random Mongolia-bound adventurers and finally being let loose on the adventure in earnest.

So far two of those dreams have come true. “Why only two?” you may ask. Well, I made it to the checkpoint, and as I write this, I am sitting atop a turret on the magnificent Klenova castle looking down on the festivities unfolding below.  The costumes.  The madness.  The drinking.  It’s all happening down there. People enjoying a moment of glory.

My last dream will materilaize when I put the key in my car and drive off in an attempt to reach the promised land: Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

But first I have to remember where  I parked my pesky little car.

Leon Logothetis

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