Lose the GPS and Get Lost!- Leon Logothetis

September 25, 2014

Lose the GPS and Get Lost!

Get Lost!

Yes. You.

“The world is big enough, and the possibilities are huge, so pack the bag and get lost”
Jerril Thomas Abraham

If you get anxious when you are lost don’t read on. If you get unhappy when you are lost look away. If you come out in hives when you have absolutely no idea where in the world you actually are, run.

89b29ed6-bd70-4bde-b44f-c1f4f28a55b0.pngFor this blog is about those of us who actually like getting lost. Yup. We actually exist. And maybe after reading this blog you will take your GPS contraption and throw it at your neighbor. Ok, maybe not at your neighbor but certainly in the direction of his swimming pool, inflatable pool or at the soon to be rotating wheels of his monster truck.

This way your GPS will die.

And you will be able to get lost. For fun.

Here are the best three ways to get lost and how to enjoy it (well actually four if you include throwing your GPS at your neighbours car, swimming pool, prosthetic leg etc…)

1. Spin the Globe. Wherever your finger lands. Go. With onebackpack and no phone. Enjoy!

2. Go on a road trip. Somewhere. Anywhere. Only thing is thatyour faithful GPS must be nowhere in sight. Instead you use locals to direct you.

photo-21-1024x7683. It’s Staycation time. Find a place in your town you have never been to. Go there. By bus. When you get there explore. It wont be long before you have absolutely no idea where you are.


Job Done. If you follow these simple suggestions you will very soon be completely lost. Have fun.

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