Life in The Kindness Cab - Leon Logothetis

November 10, 2011

Life in The Kindness Cab

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. –Danny Kaye

The beauty of The Kindness Cab is I never really know what’s around the corner. One moment I am picking up a veteran suffering from liver cancer and driving him to The VA hospital. The next moment I am driving around hungry kids and treating them to an ice cream. Then I find myself driving through a snow storm with the cab flailing and the window wipers failing.

More on that little adventure later…

Today I spent the day in Denver, Colorado and was blessed to pick up the oldest person in The Kindness Cab so far. Dorothy was 96 years old and her smile and zest for life were infectious. It was a blessing to have this ‘young’ lady in the back seat. She brought along her great grandson Noah, her daughter Linda and her son Ian.

We all drove to the local store and The Kindness Cab purchased Noah an ice cream. I also bought Dorothy a lottery scratch card. She ended up winning $5. Her smile grew a little bit wider…

Having Dorothy in the cab was beautiful. It was most definitely one of the highlights of the journey so far. Her enthusiasm and simple appreciation for life was magical. Thank you for brightening my day.

As the last passenger left the cab and the day drew to a close I made a mad dash for Santa Fe. Storm clouds were brewing, The Kindness Cab had yet to experience snow. Soon that would all change.

As I drove the snow kept coming. And coming. At one point I was driving through the night and the engine started to freeze up. The windscreen wipers stopped. The visibility was practically zero. The snow kept coming. The kindness Cab was being battered. It didn’t look good. Fear showed itself on my face and in my heart.

Fortunately I managed to limp into a motel and parked the Cab. I don’t know how long I am going to be stuck in Trinidad, Colorado. But one thing I do know is that The Kindness Cab will not give up. The Kindness Cab will never give up. Ever.

Kindness is still coming.

Schedule of Kindness Cab pit stops can be found at:, additionally use #thekindnesscab on Twitter to reach me there.