Kindness Arrives in Sin City - Leon Logothetis

November 14, 2011

Kindness Arrives in Sin City

How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it! -George Elliston

The Kindness Cab limped its way into Sin City early yesterday afternoon. These were troubling times. Engine trouble. Battery trouble. Snow trouble.  All kinds of trouble.

I stopped off at a vintage mechanics and the cab had a complete overhaul of its alternator. Catastrophe was averted. The journey could continue.

Las Vegas is world renowned for being the center of all the action. Gambling. Prostitution. Lost dreams. Gained dreams. Now you can add kindness to that list. Yes. The Kindness Cab was taking Vegas by storm.

I had a varied assortment of guests in the cab today. It started off with taking a young family to buy some treats. They were living in low income housing and struggling to get by. We found our way to a 7 -eleven and The Kindness Cab bought them all Slurpee’s!

Next stop was a young saxophone player on the outskirts of Vegas. His beautiful and melodious tunes soothed the frayed nerves of The Kindness Cab. Even though the alternator had been fixed the cab was still a bit shook up from its earlier visit to the mechanics…

The highlight of the day was taking a soon to be married couple to their wedding. It was a special moment to have these two lovely and infectiously smiling people in the cab. It was also a first. Wedding bells always brighten the mood!

The trip to Vegas was not filled with the usual vegas exploits but I felt lucky to have had the chance to bring kindness to Sin City. Los Angeles here we come!

Schedule of Kindness Cab pit stops can be found at:, additionally use #thekindnesscab on Twitter to reach me there.