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September 30, 2015

Interview: Johnny Jet: Blogger, JohnnyJet

Johnny Jet is the Editor in Chief at JohnnyJet. Johnny used to be afraid of flying but was able to conquer his biggest fear and has now traveled all around the globe, scoring the best deals wherever he goes. The website started when Johnny wanted to share his tips for earning miles and points with his friends and it eventually evolved into the travel deal site it is today. I got a chance to ask him about his passion for travel and am thrilled to share his answers with you.

LL: Your blog focuses mostly on helping people find travel deals and earn more miles. Where did your love for travel start? When did you decide to turn your passion into your career?

I was always fascinated by airplanes and travel but we didn’t fly very much when I was growing up. Then my asthma doctor put the fear of God in me when I was a teenager so I was afraid to fly for a few years. Once I conquered my fear (it’s a long story), I went to college in California where I met a girl whose parents lived all around the world. After discovering a way to buy a cheap business class ticket, I took her up on her offer to spend a month in Hong Kong and fell in love with international travel and got addicted to earning miles. When I returned home, I took a job as a college recruiter so I was traveling a lot and started learning all kinds of tricks to travel better and cheaper. The internet was brand new so I decided to share my knowledge with colleagues and friends and the next thing you know, their friends started asking me to add them to my email list and it began to grow rapidly. I then created a website, not to make money, but to share my knowledge and that exploded after USA Today featured it.

LL: What’s your favorite place to travel to? Why?

It all depends on the time of year. I really love it everywhere but my favorite is Manhattan Beach, California where I live.

LL: Do you have a favorite travel companion or do you prefer to go solo?

I prefer to travel with my wife since she is so easy to travel with. We have now been to over 55 countries as a couple. When she’s not available, I bring my 86 year old dad, which is fun but a lot of work.

LL: My trips often involve the search for kindness and human connection, which I believe is incredibly important to our overall happiness. As you know, I once traveled the globe relying on the kindness of other people. Do you have any stories about strangers helping you out while you traveled?

I have countless stories. Once, before cell phones were prevalent, I ran out of gas in Anguilla. I was by myself and miles away from where I was staying. Two locals who didn’t speak English stopped and motioned for me to get in the back of their jeep. Like a desperate fool, I did and after driving miles down a desolate road, I was convinced they were going to kill me. But they ended up going to their house and getting a gas container and then took me to the gas station to fill it up. It took well over an hour and they wouldn’t accept any money.

LL: You are serious about travel and seeing the world. Can you tell me what travel means to you?

Travel means everything to me. It’s my escape, my love, my pleasure and my addiction.

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