#GoBeKind Los Angeles - Leon Logothetis

November 18, 2015

#GoBeKind Los Angeles

LA-700x700On his recent stop in Los Angeles, Leon encountered a man who caught his attention due to his formidable white beard, but it was Trevor’s story that really twisted Leon’s heart. Trevor Griffith was misdiagnosed 21 years ago with inoperable cancer and given six months to live—until the intervention of a male nurse caught a mistake in the cancer diagnosis. Turned out that Trevor had a very treatable cancer with a strong chance of survival. Effectively that nurse saved his life.

The nurse’s story was a great deal sadder–thrown out of the house at age 15 for being gay, not even the loving support of his partner of 30 years nor that of Trevor and his wife could stop him from drinking. Having passed away,  Trevor found it difficult to carry on the thought of not having been able to give back to the nurse what he had done for Trevor. Trevor shared though that he will be traveling to Bali soon, a beloved vacation destination of the nurse and his partner, to scatter the nurse’s ashes in the place he loved best. After such a touching story was shared, Leon decided to pass onto Trevor some money for him to use however he wishes.

The article was originally published by Trivago.com on November 17th, 2015.

Trivago and I share the goal of starting a contagious chain reaction of kind acts. People in need and those who give back should be recognized. I’m asking you to #GoBeKind by performing your own acts of kindness and sharing them on social media with the #GoBeKind tag. I’ll be watching and re-posting the best stories.

Together, we’re making the world a kinder place—I thank you for all your support.

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