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October 2, 2013

Firefighters’ Simple Act of Kindness Helps Elderly Woman Stay Safe


After responding to a call on September 20 to assist an elderly resident who had fallen in her yard, a crew from City of Santa Barbara Fire Department had an idea of how to prevent future tumbles.

The Mesa, California woman tripped on the the overgrown shrubs lining the walkway, so Engine #6 returned a few days later to do some yardwork.

”Captain Bryant, Engineer Brousseau and Firefighter Kramer seized the opportunity to remedy the situation by trimming the offending hedge,” wrote Gary Pitney, the Department’s Public Information Officer, on their Facebook page.

Though the woman was treated at an emergency room for leg and shoulder injuries, she will feel a lot safer now that three bags of branches have been cleared away from her sidewalk.

City-of-Santa-Barbara-Fire-Department-sweeps-up-branches-for-elderly-lady-who-fell-permission-313x326The company posted a couple photos on Facebook, but didn’t want to publicize it further. A local TV station, however, picked up the story and asked for interviews.

“If you knew these guys,” joked Capt. Pitney, who is retired after 30 years as a firefighter and now helps part-time behind a desk, “They would sooner run into a burning building than go in front of the camera.”

Santa Barbara, of course, is not unique in their dedication to public service. In August, firefighters in Baytown, Texas finished mowing the lawn for an elderly man who had collapsed before completing the chore.

“I guess the public is just hungry for these types of stories, with all the bad news these days,” added Pitney in a phone call with the Good News Network.

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