Find Yourself a Mojo Scented Rocket Fuel Salesman! - Leon Logothetis

November 19, 2014

Find Yourself a Mojo Scented Rocket Fuel Salesman!

“You’ll be on on your way up!

You’ll be seeing great sights!

You’ll join the high flyers

Who soar to High Hights!”

Dr Seuss

IMG_0540In my darker days after the failed attempt at the Mongol Rally, there were times I couldn’t speak or connect to anyone, myself included. When I started planning for the second Rally those days were thankfully long gone, but I still wasn’t the best Leon I could be. Intellectually, I knew that I had to connect with people to bring myself out of my slump, but I was stuck at a low ebb. I needed some Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM, a.k.a., the energy that is created through the support and help of family, friends, lovers, and cool strangers.

Without Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM, the world is a darker place.

I believe that each of us has a reservoir of Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM that we can tap into, but I also believe that we need more Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM than we can generate alone. This is when our interpersonal relationships come to the forefront. The support we get from those connections is what drives us forward to the realms of greatness. Without the Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM, we’re working on half power, both internally and externally.

During the second rally I had a random meeting with an English speaking Ukrainian, which was a result of complete and utter desperation. You see, my car had blown up (ok, maybe not blown up, but definitely not working) and I knew that without the car I was screwed so I had to find a solution, and his emergence on the scene saved the day. His encouragement and genuine desire to help inspired me to keep plodding along. I connected that day with a Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM salesman, and he pushed me along to a better place. So, find a Mojo-Scented Rocket FuelTM salesman of your own and see yourself soar above the clouds…