The Bullish Side of Maui - Leon Logothetis

December 23, 2014

The Bullish Side of Maui

“If anything can go wrong. It will”

Murphy’s Law

Sometimes things go wrong so beautifully, that you never want anything to go right again. The following story is one of those magical moments. It began at a grimy bus depot in Maui and nearly ended with a one-sided bull-fight. Nearly.

DSCN0031I rented a VW bus and turned off my phone and banned myself from the computer. My mission: drive around the magical island of Maui and reconnect with Nature. Humanity. And myself.

For some odd reason, I have always had the urge to live in a VW bus and now my dream was going to become reality. I was setting off on my drive towards the legendary Road to Hana, but before I could leave the depot, the friendly owner uttered the following prophetic words “Here is a special number. If your new home stops, call me. I will save you” I thought this was a bit strange, but didn’t think too much of it. That is, until his words wafted through the thick foliage on the Road to Hana and slapped me in the face.

The Road to Hana was exquisite and at times terrifying. Sheer drops and narrow roads don’t do the heart rate much good. However, the fun and games hadn’t yet begun…

They did begin when smoke started belching out of the back tires. I stopped the bus, as driving off The Road to Hana was not in my plans. Then I realized that something was leaking. This was seemingly a double whammy. I looked for the “I will save you number” but couldn’t find it. It wouldn’t have mattered much, because there was zero cell reception. And anyway I wasn’t supposed to make any phone calls during my time on the island.

So much for being saved!

Luckily the bus hadn’t died (yet), so I kept driving and came across a grocery store, right bang in the middle of nowhere. The Kaupo General store is a historic site on the island and has been running since 1925. Nearly as old as my VW bus it seemed…

After trying to breathe new life into my bus (unsuccessfully I may add) I started rummaging through my belongings, looking for that pesky number that would supposedly save me. I eventually found it and spoke with the friendly ‘bus depot’ chap who said he would send me a tow truck with a new bus on it! For those of you who have driven ‘The road to Hana’, you will understand the treacherous nature of such a journey…(link to an image of the road to hana)

Good luck with that I thought to myself.

It was supposed to take about One & half hours. Four hours later there was no tow truck. Fortunately as the last vestiges of sunlight disappeared into the ether the tow truck finally arrived. Soon it was pitch black so he couldn’t return home. Unless of course he was on a suicide mission, which he wasn’t. He ended up sleeping in the old bus and I got to sleep in the new one.

The stars were our only company for the night as we talked politics and the beauty of simplicity, nature and the a life well lived.

As morning broke, we were both in for a rude awakening. Or should I say a bull on the rampage. The bull took a liking to my new friend and his tow truck. He tried to, how do I put this delicately, make passionate love to the tow truck and then tried to charge me as I shooed it away. The driver eventually managed to get into his truck (the one carrying my old home) and sped off. The bull chased him. I never saw either of them again…

…But if you watch this video you can see some of my adventure with a bull, an Israeli trow truck driver, a vw bus and the magical island of Maui.