Breaking News: Amazing Adventures of a Nobody is finally out on DVD - Leon Logothetis

September 7, 2011

Breaking News: Amazing Adventures of a Nobody is finally out on DVD

“One small step for this man. One giant leap for mankind” Leon Logothetis

I have some rather astonishing news to report. I doubt you will be able to handle this. So, please take a seat. Ready?  Here goes…my trips across both the USA and Europe on $5 a day are now available on DVD. Yes, you have read these words correctly.

“F*ck me! He’s gone and actually done it!” I hear in the offices and homes across the world…

The show that has defined the lives of billions of people (ok, maybe only one person!) is now available for you to purchase on Amazon (US & Europe). I can’t believe I have actually uttered these words. We live in truly momentous times!

A moment of great significance is upon us all. A defining moment in the history of the world.  A moment of such magnitude that our beautiful blue planet will never be the same. Ever.

It is my humble belief that the DVD launch of Amazing Adventures of a Nobody is similar in magnitude to the ripples felt across the world when the Berlin Wall fell. Similar to the outpouring of joy at the conclusion of the second world war. Similar in scale to the achievement of man’s first steps on the moon.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is all about scale. And this is huge. Massive. Humungous.  Ginormous. Earth shattering.  A seminal moment in time. And how lucky you all are to be alive when it becomes a reality. Oh yes, how lucky you are!

*Disclaimer: the above was written in jest.  The launch of the DVD is indeed fact. But the comparisons to pivotal moments in history are not genuinely believed by the author. Any complaints should be directed to your local senator.

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