Be inspired… - Leon Logothetis

June 21, 2011

Be inspired…

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams


“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” -Karen Ravn

Being inspired is simply a magical feeling. It touches a part of our soul that all too often lies unkempt and alone.

As a kid I felt uninspired, abandoned and trapped. I found my way out of my own personal pain by seeking out inspirational people at every turn; from the movies I watched, to the books I read, I was always on the prowl for an inspirational hit.

I feel that as human beings we sometimes need others to infuse us with inspiration; Inspiration that dares us to be our best. In an ideal world we would tap into our innate source of inspiration which resides within us all, but alas we do not live in an ideal world. Sometimes we need a gentle nudge and someone inspiring can definitely do the trick.…

The following is a list of three of the most inspirational people in my life. People who I have never met but have helped me become the person I am today. People who have inspired me to be the best I can be…

Winston Churchill: The famous wartime leader inspired a nation throughout the Nazi reign of terror and single-handedly kept a country from crumbling under the pressures of war. His stoicism and grace under pressure inspires me everyday. When I am feeling the blues I often think of his famous saying: Never, never, never give up. It encourages me to reach for my own greatness; a greatness that each and every one of us possesses.

Winston Churchill inspired me.

Pele: As a young boy growing up in England I was infatuated with football (soccer to the Americans in the building…). I remember growing up on stories about the genius of Pele and watching grainy footage of his brilliance in action. I remember seeing black and white footage of his triumphant hat rick in the 1958 world cup final at the ripe old age of 17. There is a famous picture of him with his hands covering his face, tears streaming down his cheeks, as he realizes the magnitude of his achievement. It showed me that anything was possible. If a 17 year old could reach the pinnacle of footballing greatness then I could do anything I put my mind to. Anything.

Pele inspired me.

Mr. Brainwash: Now some of you may be thinking, who the hell is Mr. Brainwash and why is he inspirational? Well, first of all Mr. Brainwash is a street artist made famous through the documentary “Exit through the gift shop”. What inspired me about him was that he started with a simple hobby of taking videos and ended up as an accomplished street artist selling his work for millions. All of this came about through an opportunistic meeting with Banksy, the legendary street artist extraordinaire. Mr. Brainwash created something out of nothing, something far beyond even his wildest dreams. If he can do it then why cant everyone?

Mr. Brainwash inspired me.

The final question of the day is a simple one: Who inspires you?

Leon Logothetis

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