Baltimore 8 Year Old Boy Gets First Pediatric Double Hand Transplant - Leon Logothetis

December 3, 2015

Baltimore 8 Year Old Boy Gets First Pediatric Double Hand Transplant

Zion Harvey was born a happy loving bright eyed baby like expected. But shorty after turning two life will shorty change the unexpected happened. He had contracted a sepsis infection that developed into gangrene causing both hand and feet having to get amputated. And only at the age of 4 he had to under go a kidney transplant.


Although going threw so much Zion never let anything keep him down. Even without having hands he didn’t let anything slow him down he could strum a guitar,play Foosball, scroll threw his mom’s phone as well as feed himself. Mother Pattie Ray said her son had “ a tough ride but he does not let that get him down. He doesn’t put on a sad face. But as a mother you want you child to get better.”


Only about 15 children a year are eligible to donate hands so u can really never know when hands would be available having to match color as well as size. Well 6 years later a call came for Zion when he was in the middle of planning his sleepover with some friends that hands are available for him finally.


Before the procedure took place laying in the bed he said “ Mom, I think I am nervous now. She responded“ There is no need to be nervous this is a good thing.


It took a team of 40 and a 10 hour operation the came from Penn Medicine , The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Once the blood began to flow , surgeons repaired and rejoined each muscle and tendon one by one and attached the nerves before closing cuts. One of his hands started to turn white and they had to go back in to fix from a blocked artery but everything turned out fine. There is several weeks healing recovering process and Zion’s hand will grow with his body and he is looking forward to throwing a football.