A Firefighters Kind Gesture - Leon Logothetis

December 29, 2015

A Firefighters Kind Gesture

Shauna Pacheco and her two children, Lucas and two-year-old sister got in to a car accident in Arizona. Lucas was very shaken up according to Russell Whaley one of the firefighters on the scene. So, while his colleagues were checking Lucas’ mom and sister, Whaley tried to comfort Lucas. To break the ice and to get his mind off his mother and sister, Whaley started asking Lucas about the Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt he was wearing.


Whaley is quoted as saying, “The next thing I know, we had a book in front of us and he’s sitting on my lap and we were reading”. Whaley felt Lucas’ focus didn’t need to be on his mother getting an oxygen mask and being checked out for other injuries. According to Whaley, Lucas was getting very worried. Reading to him helped calm him down. As he was reading to Lucas a driver (Steffani Blair) passing by captured the photo above and posted it on Facebook. Shauna said she was so grateful for the firefighter and his gesture.
“The whole crew stayed with us until my husband got there and was able to take us home. They obviously didn’t have to do that; I’m sure they had other calls” Mrs. Pacheco told local news. Shauna and her daughter suffered minor bruises. Lucas and his mom baked cookies for firefighters as a thank you. Little Lucas received a badge of bravery and a ride in the fire truck.