5 Ways To Make Mothers Feel Like a Queen - Leon Logothetis

May 8, 2015

5 Ways To Make Mothers Feel Like a Queen

Mother’s day is upon us, and it’s time to look at all of the cards and think of this special lady, who is of such central importance in our lives. We can sometimes feel pressured to do something nice for her on this special day. We rack our brain trying to come up with something, but forget that most mothers have the same needs we do! Many people go down the dinner and a bouquet of flowers- route. But often it can be more thoughtful to do some of the littler things for or with Mom. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Fix something around the house that means something to her.

This is a good idea if you happen to be handy and can fix the leaky faucet, noisy refrigerator or repair a fence. If it isn’t able to be repaired, take her down to the store and let her splurge on your dime for a replacement.

2. Create a mini-garden with her instead of the standard bouquet.

Every time the flowers bloom, she will think of the time that she spent with her children making it happen. Show up with Home & Gardens magazines and others of that nature. Start the day with a nice chat and let her design her space. Talk with her and decide what she would like best and what the space permits. Spend the time outdoors planting, catching up and creating memories together. This garden can be as small as a few planted pots or take up a designated area of land near the home.  This is a great project for the whole family and can include the children and grandchildren.

3. Let her do nothing at all.

“Hey Mom, put your feet up. I am taking care of you today.” This is all you have to say. This is a wonderful treat for those mothers with children and significant others. Treat the Mother in your life to a clean house, a home-cooked meal and no obligations. Mothers with children rarely ever get to do nothing and relax. A breakfast in bed, a glass of wine, a book by her favorite author, and the absolute requirement that the children come to you for everything that day. Mothers need a respite from the day-to-day responsibilities.

4. Send her away from it all for a few hours.

Go one step further and plan a mini-getaway for her. If she is a significant other, plan a brunch and mani-pedi day with her best girlfriend. Give her friend a call and plan to surprise her with a little time away. As a daughter, accompany her on the outing and use it as a time to gossip, swap secrets and revel in each other’s company. Mothers want to feel pretty and appreciated too!

5. Do something that she wants to do.

That movie she has been anticipating but you have been less than enthusiastic about –go there. The dance classes that that she has been talking forever about and just needs a partner- buy them and be there with her. The restaurant that her girlfriend has been to and she really wants to try –book the reservation. Mothers give clues all throughout the year to their likes, dreams and desires. Listen to them. Note their interests. Tailor the gift or experience to something that they would like and have mentioned to you or others.