5 Ways to Master Your Fears - Leon Logothetis

March 23, 2017

5 Ways to Master Your Fears

In as much as it is part of what makes us human, fear is one of the greatest challenges and obstacles people face in life. Though helpful and important in some life situations, fear can hinder us from exploring and experiencing life from a whole new perspective. Mastering your fears can open your years to a whole new perspective of life. It allows you to experience happiness fully live a more lively and fulfilled life. Here are five simple ways you can face your fears and conquer them and their negative effects to your life.

Identify, embrace and get comfortable with your fear

You can identify your fears by determining what you cannot do, why you cannot do it, and what you are afraid of when you do what you are scared of doing. After identifying it, embrace it. Get comfortable with it by engaging in things that give you a fright more often. As you do this, your confidence builds and your being grows stronger.

Learn that fear is a state of mind

Fear comes in when we condition our mind against engaging in some things with the thought of protecting ourselves. The good thing is that we are in control of our fears; not the other way round. When you feel it creeping inside you, acknowledge it, but do not let it take over your mind. Instead, you can use it to your advantage. Sometimes fear helps to bring out the best in us. A simple way to keep your fear in control is taking slow deep breaths to keep calm.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life

Get to document the positive things that happen to you every day, the things you are grateful for and the good things you do to others. This continuous act helps your notice some positive things you may not have noticed if you gave room for fear. Things like compassion, fun, style, and humor. You will feel more positive and less fearful.

Identify the worst-case scenario and get ready for failure

Worst-case scenarios, in as much as they do not look good most times, they actually are not as bad as you imagine. It is important to know that you will always be held back and hindered from achieving success in your life if you do not come to terms with the worst case scenario. A good example is the extreme athletes like downhill skiers and skydivers. Their worst case scenario is death. Somehow they come to terms with it, and that is why they are able to do what they do and achieve success in their paths. Coming to peace with your worst-case scenario helps you focus on the present rather than building up on what you fear, which in turn influences your thoughts and actions negatively. So come to terms with your worst-case scenario and embrace the facts.

Take a new and creative action

Constant actions ensure that you do not succumb to your fears by focusing on it. There is more to it than just acting. You have to be accountable and honest with yourself. Do not come up with excuses and reasons why you have to avoid facing your fears. Be true to your course if at all success is what you truly desire. While in the process, do not forget to reward your achievements. This is a morale booster that helps motivate you even further.

Fear is one thing in life that we cannot avoid. The only option left is to embrace and learn how to deal with fear. The quicker you master your fears, the faster you develop a courageous personality and set the stage for a more fulfilled life. You will realize a whole new perspective of life if you control your fears.



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