5 Things To Bring On Your Next Trip Abroad - Leon Logothetis

April 8, 2017

5 Things To Bring On Your Next Trip Abroad

The sun is finally breaking out of its winter shell, and together with the rain, they are trying to regrow and renew the green on the earth. You have decided that this is the time to get away and have some time off with a friend, a spouse or with your family. You might even decide to go solo, have some alone time. The destination has been chosen, at a stunning city abroad, and the finances are in order. The only thing you are worried about is whether the vacation will be memorable. That depends totally on you, but if you carry the following items with you, your vacation might have a better chance:

1. A Camera

You are probably thinking, “A camera? In this age and time that we have smartphones?” Cameras are a bit old-fashioned, I understand. However, the advantage of carrying a camera along is that first, cameras have high definition lenses, and for this reason, the photographs taken using the camera are of high quality. Moreover, using a smartphone to take photographs might leave you distracted by Snapchat or that heated hashtag trending on Twitter and forget to take amazing images.

Therefore, ensure that you pack your camera and relish the memories that you will create during the vacation.

2. A Good Book

The book should be preferably about travel. Travel, as told in a number of stories, is therapeutic and may lead a person into finding themselves. Have you ever heard about a person who was exhausted with his everyday life, and one day he went for a vacation and came back and realized that he might have chosen a wrong path? These inspiring stories can be found within the pages of a great book, an item you should definitely carry. Maybe, and I quote myself here (!), the combination of the book and the vacation might lead you to “Discover the life you were meant to live.”

3. Sunscreen

It might have been very cold a couple of months ago, but now the sun is picking up. The skin is sensitive when it is brought directly under the sunlight, and that is why you should ensure that in your bag, you have carried a tube of sunscreen. The last thing you want to happen as you are walking down the beach or when seated next to a swimming pool are ugly red marks zigzagging your skin. Moreover, there may be activities that you have decided to go with, and they require long periods of sunlight exposure: for example, hiking. Sunscreen would be very important then.

4. Sanitary and Health Items

When travelling, it is very important to carry every sanitary item you require. If you are travelling to a hot, steamy, and dusty destination, you will need wet wipes and a hand sanitizer. Ensure that you carry several packets of wipes, as they might be used more often. Clean underwears are also important. The number of underwears that you carry should be dependent on the number of days and where you intend to be vacationing. If you are often moving, carry more underwear. Do not forget to pack a toothbrush.

5. You Need a Smartphone

Search for your hotel and your destination generally online, look through their images and even save a number of screenshots for later comparisons. Afterward, identify the places you feel that you must visit upon arrival to the destination. When you are at the destination, try comparing what you had been promised on the website and what you actually experienced. Take photos and compare them with the screenshot. You can use this experience to write a review of the destination.

Let us pack our bags and head out to that vacation. Shall we?



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